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  The Dark Tower+
Everyone who enjoyed the books hated this. I hated the books, which perhaps explained why I loved the movie. Premise a little silly, but once you get over that, it goes down smooth. Both the Man in Black and the Black Man were great.
  Transformers: The Last Knight+
It seems Michael Bay asked six different screenwriters to come up with six different ideas. He listened as each told him their vision, he leaned back, took a deep breath and said 'yes'. A complete mess.
  Ghost in the Shell+
I have no choice but to give top marks to any film featuring futuristic skylines- and for some reason it's even better when the skylines are Asian (aka skyline yellow fever). Fortunately the rest of the film was great as well. I haven't seen the original, if I had I probably wouldn't enjoy this one so much, that seems to be how this works.
  A Dogs Purpose+
I particularly liked the part with the dog.
  Fast and Furious 8+
Why did a submarine completely out of the water move when the propller was switched on? Why did this do so well at the box office? How is Charlize Theron looking so hot despite being in her 40s? Why do I know I'm going to see the next one even though I don't really enjoy them? So many questions
Great idea, very creepy, a little spoiled by the stupid decisions the characters make. I would love a sequel.
  Power Rangers+
Cheesy and stupid, not sure whether that's the point. Essentially a cheap rip off of the Transformers and Spiderman franchises.
  Get Out+
Perfect. Another great example of a movie where there's an ordinary setting but something isn't right and you can't wait to find out what. Funny and creepy in all the right places. The ending was fantastic. Great film to know nothing about going in.
  Batman vs Superman+
I mostly enjoyed this. Obviously Batman fighting Superman makes no sense, but they made as much sense of it as they could. The final fight at the end was extremely generic and forgetful. But Wonder Woman was great, as usual. And when I say Wonder Woman I'm obviously talking about Amy Adams.
  Kong: Skull Island+
Didn't really grab me. 'Idiot plot' at various places.
  Lego Batman+
I'm going to see every single Lego film there is. Cannot get enough of them. They are perfect.
  Beauty and the Beast+
Might have cried a little. I will deny it if asked.
Too good. Completely unlike any of the other X-men films. I don't care that much about the franchise, certainly I never bothered to see the other two Wolverine films but I'm glad I saw this. All very low key, no over the top set pieces like bridges being moved by the power of the mind. And the concept of Xavier having a degenerative brain disease- genius.
  Hacksaw Ridge+
I dislike war films almost as much as Mel Gibson dislikes Jews but I still really loved this film. Amazing.
  A Cure for Wellness+
Sometimes I feel like films are made just for me. It's a similar setting to your standard horror film, starts with a house/cabin/asylum whatever that seems normal but you know isn't, but this isn't a horror film so doesn't degrade into your generic jump scares and everyone but one dying by the end. Instead it's about the mystery, what is the explanation behind all the odd stuff? I really enjoyed finding out.
  Suicide Squad+
Wanted to like it but it was just plain dumb. The first third of the film was all about saving a VIP which turned out to be a character you were already familiar with that you didn't even realise needed saving (oh btw spoilers). What was the point of that then? Then it degraded into generic bad guy with columns of light shooting into the sky (only LOTR is allowed to do that).
  Ben Hur+
Do not understand the hate at all. I enjoyed the entire thing, was never boring, and made me really happy to not have been born 2000 years ago. I passionately disagree with those who said 'it didn't need a remake'. Of course it didn't so what?
  Deepwater Horizon+
Really solid. You knew what was going to happen but you didn't know how or when and it was really fun to wait and find out. Great tension throughout. It's a shame because Mark Wahlberg is a complete dick so I do not want to enjoy his films (then why do I go then? No idea).
  The Force Awakens+
[Highlight Episode 4] [Ctrl C] [Ctrl V] [Change 4 to 7] Who cares it was still amazing. I saw it three times and still want to see it again.
  Ex Machina+
Amazing. The story was constantly a step ahead of what I thought was going on. The dialogue was spot on, the robot was super hot, and an incredible ending to boot. Loved it.
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