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  LOTR: Return of the King2 rube reviews
The best film of all time. Five scenes were so amazing that an immediate change of pants was required. 98% of films don't even require a single spare pair. Also includes the best scene of all time, the lighting of the beacons, which has the best music ever too.
This film was amazing. It was almost perfect. The premise was great, the plot was great, and it has an absolutely cracking soundtrack. Worth watching almost for the incredible swimming pool on the main set alone. Obviously it would have been even better if Tom Cruise wasn't involved, but you can't have everything. He has such an annoying habit of popping up in good films.
  Tron Legacy+
Absolutely cracking. The plot was average, but this was more than made up for by the graphics- the most stylish CG I have ever seen. The world of Tron isn't meant to look realistic, it's meant to look amazing, and it certainly does. However the best part of all was the music. Orchestral film scores and electronic dance tracks are the only two genres I like. About once a decade they come together and blow my socks right off.
For sure the best Bond film ever. I just loved every part of it. And I was convinced Casino Royale would never be topped. Loved how half of it was set in London. And the 'character twists' at the end were besters. Also, the homo erotic villain. Could only have been improved by Eva Green coming back from the dead.
The best fight scenes of any film ever. The whole film was just amazing in every aspect. Blew my socks right off. This should be on every Christmas for families across the country, The Sound of Music has had a long enough run.
  The Cabin in the Woods+
The best 'horror' film I've ever seen. The plot was just so clever. All the usual tropes in horror films were subverted. Obviously I didn't notice this at the time, I found out later by reading someone else's review.
This is the kind of film that everyone should enjoy regardless of the type of genre you like. It's very simple, all set on the moon, and only a single actor. But the premise is great, the story is great, the ending is great, the soundtrack is great....plum film.
  The Truman Show+
A truly amazing film that it is surely impossible not to enjoy. Everything was great about it. Jim Carrey's best film, and it's not even a comedy.
  Groundhog Day+
My favourite film of the 90s. Such an original plot. Really makes you think.
  This is the End+
Absolutely amazing. The cast is amazing, and it's even better since they are playing themselves. As a result it seems more 'real' and less like a film- it genuinely feels like you're getting an insight into how the cast live their lives (although obviously you're not). Everything was great. It was as funny as Underworld 4 was shit, and it had a great plot and great ending too. Best comedy since The Other Guys.
  Guardians of the Galaxy +
Can't find a single fault with this film. The story was great, and unlike most Marvel films, it had less plotholes than this site has had updates in the last six months (two, including this one). Cast was great, CGI was great, and it even included sweeping vistas of a futuristic utopian city (like Elysium), which always gets high marks from me. It was even genuinely funny. I intend to sack off Thor and Captain America 3, but I've already marked GoG 2's release date in my calendar.
10/10 made me cry.
  Ex Machina+
Amazing. The story was constantly a step ahead of what I thought was going on. The dialogue was spot on, the robot was super hot, and an incredible ending to boot. Loved it.
  The Force Awakens+
[Highlight Episode 4] [Ctrl C] [Ctrl V] [Change 4 to 7] Who cares it was still amazing. I saw it three times and still want to see it again.
  Hacksaw Ridge+
I dislike war films almost as much as Mel Gibson dislikes Jews but I still really loved this film. Amazing.
Too good. Completely unlike any of the other X-men films. I don't care that much about the franchise, certainly I never bothered to see the other two Wolverine films but I'm glad I saw this. All very low key, no over the top set pieces like bridges being moved by the power of the mind. And the concept of Xavier having a degenerative brain disease- genius.
  Lego Batman+
I'm going to see every single Lego film there is. Cannot get enough of them. They are perfect.
  Get Out+
Perfect. Another great example of a movie where there's an ordinary setting but something isn't right and you can't wait to find out what. Funny and creepy in all the right places. The ending was fantastic. Great film to know nothing about going in.
  Ghost in the Shell+
I have no choice but to give top marks to any film featuring futuristic skylines- and for some reason it's even better when the skylines are Asian (aka skyline yellow fever). Fortunately the rest of the film was great as well. I haven't seen the original, if I had I probably wouldn't enjoy this one so much, that seems to be how this works.
Pretty darn good. Plot was good, Matt Damon was good, and Sharlto "world's strongest South African accent" Copley was a fantastic villain. The best parts were the CGI shots of Elysium itself, I wanted far more of those. I give it 3.5 exoskeletons out of 4.
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