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  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty+
I went in with very low expectations thanks to having seen Cineworld's annoying 20 minute trailer about fifteen times, but it turned out to be pretty great. Perhaps the least predictable film I've seen for a while.
  Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones+
I loved it. The ending was a little dumb, which I suppose is impossible to avoid with these films, but the first three quarters were great, better than I was hoping. They managed to keep it within the style of previous films while not copying any of the old techniques.
  American Hustle+
Obviously the cast was amazing, featuring perhaps the two best broads of all time, but the story was annoyingly convoluted. I think part of the problem is that con men film are like gangster stories, all the main characters are dickheads for doing what they do and inevitably don't get their comeuppance. Yes I said comeuppance, what of it?
  Anchorman 2+
Totes McBesters. Very hard to follow a film as good as the original, fortunately unlike Kick Ass 2 this film delivered, and is perhaps even funnier. I certainly did not immediately regret my decision to go see it.
  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug+
It was pretty good, but not as good as the original trilogy, and I can't put my finger on why. Perhaps it's because there seems to be more green screen and less of New Zealand. Perhaps the lack of any major fight scenes. Most likely explanation is a film without Sean Bean getting killed is a film not worth seeing.
  Saving Mr Banks+
It was pretty good, but the main character was distinctly unlikeable. I was upset to find that she didn't get run over or otherwise killed off at the end of the film.
  Hunger Games: Catching Fire+
Loved it. Jennifer Lawrence was looking as hot as pie. It was made even more enjoyable because I had completely forgotten the ending despite reading the book about six months previously.
  Captain Phillips+
This is pretty much exactly how I expected it to be. Which was pretty good, but not totes amaze. I understand that almost every scene was factually accurate which was pretty cool I suppose. But were there any nice broads? No sir there were not.
  Philomena +
From the synopsis (old lady tracks down lost son) I did not have high expectations, but it ended up being a mcbesters (and true) story. It also includes the most terrifying villain of any film I'd ever seen- the Catholic Church. I can't imagine anything more scary than waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a Catholic priest standing in my bedroom.
I like that this film is called Gravity, even though the whole point is that there isn't any. Reminds me of primary school when everyone used to call me 'skills'.
  Thor: The Dark World+
This film has more plot holes than this site had visitors in the last month (eight, three of which weren't me). However, it must be said that the film still flows perfectly well and was actually quite fun to watch. I especially enjoyed how all the Earth scenes were set in London. Plus, half the plot holes probably won't occur to you until half an hour after the film has ended (Fridge Logic), and trying to list them all was actually quite a fun little project.
  Bad Grandpa+
Grandpa was always the least funny part of Jackass, so hopes weren't that high, fortunately the scenes here were much better than the average Grandpa sketches I'd seen before. Having a real story defo worked. Unfortunately all the best scenes were shown in the trailer. I give it three withered testicles out of four.
  Enders Game2 rube reviews
Loved it to bits. Great story, great ending, great soundtrack. Also some very very cool visuals of human spaceships having at it with the aliens- and it's very hard for CGI these days to make Drew think 'that looks cool'. The story DOES suffer from a couple of potential plot holes, but like the eagles in LOTR, you can't resolve them without destroying the entire story, so we can safely look past them. Many parts of the original book were stripped, but since the average viewer of this site has a reading rate of less than a book per year, I doubt anyone will notice.
  Upside Down+
I tend to love all sci-fi films as long as the premise is cool, fortunately this film delivered. There are two planets right next to each other, so if you look up you can see the people living on the surface of the other. But people are only gravitationally attracted to the planet where they originate from, so if you visit the other planet everything is upside down, and unless you're strapped down you will fall to your death back on your home planet. Amazing stuff. Throw in one planet being rich and the other poor (very similar to Elysium) and the actual story becomes almost immaterial (but as it happened I thought that was way besters too).
  Movie 43+
This film was bad and the cast should feel bad. Although there were a couple of chuckles, every sketch (it was just a series of unconnected sketches) was fundamentally not funny.
  The Adjustment Bureau+
Absolutely loved this film, it was brilliant on all levels. It's essentially a love story with a sci-fi twist, but it's the kind of film where the less you know going into it, the more you'll enjoy it so I won't say no more. The premise and resulting story were absolutely top notch, and Emily Blunt was way hawt as the broad. Would have been 4* if the ending was less predicable.
  How I Live Now1 rube review
Great premise- girl visits her relations England, and while she's there World War 3 breaks out. Great start. But then in the space of two scenes she goes from being indifferent to falling in love with someone, not even a montage in between, and spends the rest of the film trying to find him when they're split up, which wasn't all that interesting to watch. After the film ended I realised that the person she fell in love with is her cousin. I can't decide whether that improves the film or not.
Basically a poor man's Men in Black. But Men in Black was way besters, so even a poor version isn't that bad. The premise worked perfectly well and there were some pretty good ideas, although the actual story was pretty brainless. You could happily follow it with the volume off. Nice to see Kevin Bacon fitting this film in between the treadmill of EE adverts.
  This is the End+
Absolutely amazing. The cast is amazing, and it's even better since they are playing themselves. As a result it seems more 'real' and less like a film- it genuinely feels like you're getting an insight into how the cast live their lives (although obviously you're not). Everything was great. It was as funny as Underworld 4 was shit, and it had a great plot and great ending too. Best comedy since The Other Guys.
Absolutely great. The premise is pretty generic- abducted kids and upset parents, but the specific story was just very good, the plot remained top notch all the way to the end. There were quite a few threads to the plot, I was worried they wouldn't manage to tie them all together, but they did.
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